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Create and Search for Hiking Groups

Starting or joining a hiking group is a great way to keep track of what your hiking friends are up to.

When you join a hiking group and a hike is added to the group's schedule, you'll receive an email and the hike will be added to your calendar. You'll also receive an email in the event that a hike is canceled.

If you're new to your area and you'd like to get to know the local trails, and maybe make a few new friends in the process, you can search for public hiking groups in your area.

If you find a group at your skill level, you can request to join. If admitted, you'll have visibility to that hiking group's scheduled hikes in your calendar. You may even be granted rights to invite others to the group.

Hiking Calendar

The hiking calendar goes hand-in-hand with hiking groups. If you belong to one or more hiking groups and you're a little behind on what's happening, where and when, check your hiking calendar.

If your the leader of a hiking group and you need to cancel a group hike you can do that here too.

Hiking calendar