Wikihikes.com is a web app designed to make searching for hikes near you fast, easy and fun! You can use WikiHikes to manage, save and organize all of your favorite hikes, points of interest and outdoor photos. Users can read reviews and browse photos of published hikes. As a member, you can write your own reviews for published hikes as well as post trail-side photos. Most importantly, membership grants you the ability to upload and publish your own hikes; that's where the 'wiki' in WikiHikes comes into play.

WikiHikes.com was designed from a 'mobile-first' perspective. It is built to function as easily and intuitively on a smart phone as on a desktop or laptop.

How is WikiHikes.com different from other searchable hiking websites?

WikiHikes.com is more a web app than a web site. With WikiHikes.com you can actively manage all of your favorite hikes and points of interest in your own file directory tree. You can actually draw hiking paths in a map interface and get real-time feedback on it's length, elevation gain and topographic profile as you're drawing. In fact, this is what originally inspired the creation of WikiHikes.com to begin with...

Hiking in the Arizona Sonoran desert is an amazing experience. Without the constant canopy of trees overhead, you've always got a panoramic view of your surroundings and there are seemingly endless buttes, mesas, mountains and canyons to explore. When viewed in Google Maps, everything is visible right down to ground level. Game paths, rock outcrops, rivers and streams, countless features peering up at you begging to be explored. Wouldn't it be great to be able to plan a hiking trip to explore these features by drawing a hiking path on the map, with real-time distance and elevation data, and then save the path for GPS upload? You can, with Wikihikes.

WikiHikes.com was, in part, built to enable users to draw out and plan hikes and excursions before embarking, and this is especially useful in desert environments where you can see right down to bare ground in aerial imagery. Being able to draw out your hiking path and know its length and vertical gain ahead of time makes it less likely you'll bite off more than you can chew.

You can even add points of interest to your path for spots that look like they may be worth a stop from the aerial imagery.

When you're done drawing, you can save your drawn tracks and points of interest and even export them as a GPX file for your GPS.

Best of all...this is a fully web-based application, which means that your data are available to you whenever and whereever you are!

But WikiHikes.com can do much more. If you're still curious, read on!

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Matthew Roche
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